Well Water Check Home Test Kit helps you quickly identify that your well water is safe to drink. This water quality test is an attractive alternative to wet chemical tests for several reasons: a mechanical reader is not required, the unique indicators are reactive only to their given elements without interference from surrounding materials, and accurate results are achieved in under one minute. But best of all, this water quality test product is safe and easy to use since there are no chemicals to mix, an MSDS is not required, and the indicator is noncarcinogenic.

Safe Well Check Test Kit

SKU: 481302

Total Hardness: 0 - 1000 ppm

Total Alkalinity: 0 - 500 ppm

pH: 5.5 - 9.5 pH

Iron (Fe+2): 0 - 1 ppm

Nitrate (as N): 0 - 50 ppm

Nitrite (as N): 0.2 - 3.0 ppm

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