Do you know what's in your water? About 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, but only about 0.7% of that is fresh water. The USEPA recommends that you test your water at least once a year, as contaminants can enter your water supply. Regular testing is important if you are on an untreated well since the water quality is your responsibility.

This Water Quality Test Kit gives you an easy, safe, and economical way to test for several of the most common contaminants found in drinking water. The test strips in this kit are based on recognized test methods. Instructions are clear, no harsh chemicals are used, no expensive equipment is required, and results are easy to see. The included table lets you to record and compare your results to the USEPA recommended levels.

Water Quality Test Kit

SKU: 487986

pH: 2 - 12 pH

Total Alkalinity: 0 - 500 ppm

Total Chlorine: 0 - 10 ppm

Total Hardness: 0 - 1000 ppm

Free Chlorine: 0 - 10 ppm

Chloride: 0 - 500 ppm

Sulfate: 0 - >500 ppm

Nitrate (as N): 0 - 50 ppm

Nitrite (as N): 0 - 3 ppm

Copper: 0 - 2 ppm

Iron (Fe+2): 0 - 1 ppm

Bacteria: Positive/Negative

Hydrogen Sulfide: 0 - 2 ppm

Lead: Positive/Negative

Pesticide: Positive/Negative

Heavy Metals: <10 - 1000 ppb

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