Water Testing

We offer a FREE WATER TEST to ensure we recommend the best equipment solutions to suit your needs. This allows your treatment plan to be sized properly and set up to meet the exact requirements of your home or business. We also offer ongoing testing services to assure the best water quality.


We can install a large variety of water treatment equipment and components including Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems, Ultra Violet Sterilizers, Whole Home Filters, Hydrogen Peroxide Systems, Chlorination Systems, Iron Filters, Parts, Replacement Filters, UV Bulbs, and more. Installations can be done by one of our qualified dealers in your area or a Water Concepts Technician.

Advice & Troubleshooting

Qualified technicians are just a phone call away to answer water quality questions during regular business hours. If we can't resolve your question or concern over the phone, we will work with you to schedule a service call to get it fixed. If you have an after hours emergency, no problem, our phone line is regularly monitored and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many water products require regular maintenance or occasional repairs. We service most models of existing water treatment equipment, Stenner chemical injection pumps and stock a wide range of replacement parts and filters. We stand behind the products we sell and warranty service is provided for all major brands we offer.

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