Water Quality & Sampling

Water Sampling

Pickup or draw on-site water, deliver to our facilities and test for numerous elements. For further or in-depth regulated analysis we can send to a certified laboratory, then retreve and interpret the results.

Lab Services & Testing

Wide array of testing offerings in-house and at our lab. Lab results are certified for governmental regulations and interpreted by our staff in-house for proper maintenance or installation planning.

Quality Assurance

Qualified technicians utilize reports and regular testing to maintain commercial and regulated/municipal locations up to proper regulation standards. This ensures proper equipment, dosing and maintainance on-site. We can even monitor water quality remotely.

Many water products require regular maintenance or occasional repairs. We service most models of existing water treatment equipment, Stenner chemical injection pumps and stock a wide range of replacement parts and filters. We stand behind the products we sell and warranty service is provided for all major brands we offer.

Running Water at Tap
Water Testing in Lab
Free & Total Chlorine Photometer
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HF Scientific
Industrial Test Systems
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