Water Filling Stations

Consultation & Planning

We want to ensure the best possible solution and equipment setup for your new or updated water dispensing store. That's why we go the extra mile in helping clients design a layout and product offering that matches their customers' needs. We also offer continual support via phone, email or our technicians in the field to reduce your downtime and answer questions or concerns right away.

Business Opportunity

Our experienced technicians will bring everything to you and ensure proper functionality and quality of the entire system. We want everything from the first screening to the final filtration to work perfectly to provide you limitless pure water.


Complex retail purification/dispensing systems require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure quality, reliability and safety. Regular monthly maintenance is scheduled in order to keep a system working properly.

Quality Assurance

During monthly maintenance visits our technicians will sample and analyze water output and provide a report on water quality. This ensures our partners are selling quality, safe water and their systems are operating normally.

The ongoing operation of water refilling requires a continual stock of accessories including bottles, caps, and cleaning solution. We keep all these items in stock at our warehouse, so there is no need to source a secondary supplier. You can replenish your supplies (with no order minimums) at any time by phone, fax or email. We can also provide you with porcelain crocks, crock stands stands, coolers and more!